Smart Medical

Rongchang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. subordinated to Glory Medical offers overall solutions of digital hospitals in compliance with international standards in a professional way. Ten large systems constitute the information network of hospitals, so that the idea of people oriented is in agreement with the mobile internet time:

Glory Medical is always the front-runner in the mobile internet medical development, which has developed an all-touch and all-around health management service combining health education, queries of medical information, electronic health files, disease risk assessment, online disease and product sales consultation, electronic prescriptions, remote expert group consultation as well as remote treatment and recovery with the Internet as the carrier and mobile phone APP as the technological means. The purpose of this health management service is to provide professional and comprehensive health and medial interactive information, create the omnibearing internet medical service platform integrating online and offline services and contribute more to the enhancement of the health and overall life quality of the human kind.

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